The Newbies Guidelines to On Page Optimization

The only way to get on the first page of a search engine is by learning how to do search engine optimization, and there is no escape from that. Perhaps you have heard about important SEO tasks that need to be performed on your site, and that is true but nothing too hard to accomplish. Yes, it does take planning, effort and good execution, but that's what quality SEO is all about, and when you get your site ranked for your desired keyword, you'll know for a fact that you made it. What we have been talking about are what is called, on page SEO factors, and they cannot be left out of the equation.

If possible, always go for a domain name that has the keyword phrase in it that you are hoping to rank for. Try to avoid a real long domain just because your phrase has four or five words in it. If you cannot find the name you want, then chances are you can place an extra letter or maybe two at the end if you really want that name. Never add another word at the beginning of your domain name as that will totally mess things up for SEO.

Take great care with your permalink settings for your blogs because that will determine a lot with SEO. Having search engine friendly URLs will help your pages rank better and having a string of digits and letters that don't make sense won't help. Your visitors are the ones who will be checking out your URLs, so it is just a good idea to make the most of them. So you know that there is a fine line between going all out for the search spiders as opposed to the visitor. But no matter what or how you do it, this part about your file name extensions will make a difference with your SEO score.

Images are great and can really help a lot, but you have to walk a fine line so you do not have too many. This can slow down the loading of your web page, which will affect your site's user experience. Optimizing all your graphics is an SEO smart thing to do since it really will help a lot if you need many graphics on a page. In relation to SEO, Google is getting highly particular about the speed of a page, and they're weighing the speed as a ranking factor. Stay away from using bitmap images because they look great but can be very heavy with file size. Every last on page SEO technique that you use will help you out with your success. Obviously it is very important to stay informed about the changes that happen within the SEO world. You cannot just put up a website, not do any work on it and then expect magic to strike. There is no end to the work that you need to do to make sure that you have the best on page SEO possible. It's not something is happens overnight; you need to rigorously work towards getting it right. The more focused get more info and updated you are with your site's on page SEO, the better results you'll get in the long run.

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